QSL Info

QSL Status

QSL cards are mailed monthly if received via Club Log OQRS or direct mail. Buro cards requested or received as of January 19, 2019 have been sent via the bureau. LoTW was uploaded on Dec. 7, 2015.

QSL manager is Jared - N7SMI.

Club Log OQRS direct or bureau is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. QSL cards are beautiful full-color photographic quality. QSL priority will be:

  1. Club Log OQRS Direct Requests
    • QSL cards mailed monthly.
  2. Direct QSLs with SASE or minimum $2 USD to N7SMI.
    • Cards mailed monthly.
  3. Buro cards via Club Log OQRS bureau
    • Cards sent every few months.
  4. Buro cards via N7SMI
    • This method is discouraged! Via N7SMI only! DO NOT SEND CARDS TO VK9WA!
    • Cards sent 3 months after the operation, then once annually thereafter.

Please use OQRS! If you want a bureau card or do not use PayPal, please use the free OQRS bureau request below or request your bureau card via e-mail. DO NOT SEND OR REQUEST MULTIPLE CARDS (e.g., bureau and OQRS)!

Club Log OQRS

Begin a Club Log OQRS request for a direct or free bureau card by entering your call sign in the form below. Donations are very welcome.

Electronic QSLs

All QSOs will be uploaded to LoTW and eQSL shortly after the operation.

LoTW         eQSL

Direct QSL Address

To save time and resources, we recommend using the OQRS option above. Direct cards, however, are accepted with SASE or minimum $2 (donations welcome). IRCs must have 2017 expiration date and be properly stamped. Send to:

Jared Smith (N7SMI)
120 E 520 N
Smithfield, UT


If you have log or QSL questions, please contact us. Be sure to include your full QSO details.